Beavis & Butt-Head Revisted

Yes, it's true. You no longer have to stay up late watching MTV to experience Beavis and Butt-Head at their finest; now they've come to you through the miracle of modern tech nology — and the grace of Viacom New Media. You'll lead the dynamically demented duo in their quest to become part of Todd's gang. And let's not be judgmental. Wouldn't we all like to be part of Todd's gang, deep down inside?

You control the two using the mouse. Right-click to bring up the cursor selection, and choose between walking, talking, looking, using, and inventory.
Just hold the right mouse button down and place...

Minecraft for Free Now Provided Worldwide

Minecraft offers more personalization when you play the game, they call it skins and this allows you to change how your characters look while playing the game. There are so many characters that you can choose from while selecting a category would be the best to start with. You can choose from movies, TV, game characters, normal people characters, fantasy category and also mob skins.

Minecraft for free is definitely a type of game where in you can have hours of fun by just preparing how your gaming experience should start, so if you got plenty of time, then it’s time for Minecraft.

There are multiple


The Minecraft Trend

The gaming industry has countless of games being released every now and then especially if you combine all the gaming platforms that we have today. We have the Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, Mobile devices and also PC platforms. Over the years, different title games has been released and made it to the list of the most number of copies sold. While there are times where in different gaming consoles have exclusive game titles, some game titles are just so popular that it gets released to all gaming platforms.

The first thing that could come to mind is Minecraft, which you can play for free  on your


Penny Arcade Expo – Part 2

Hey all,

Following part 1, me and Scorpinox are once again back to our hotel after another day of PAX excitement. There were many excellent panels today, including the PA Strip Panel (where Tycho and Gabe illustrate a PA comic live while giving a QA session), and the ever-popular Red Vs. Blue group. Unfortunately, Scorp and I missed most of these, as we were embroiled in PAX’s Battlefield: 2 tournament for most of the day (which might I add we emerged from on the #1 team, and got to actually get things from the prize table). Even while missing the majority of the panels as the tournament ran


Asheron's Call 2 Review

The anticipation for Asheron’s Call 2 was tense. The game went into public beta and appeased the masses with free accounts and playtime until release. Beta testing progressed nicely, and the End of Beta event was a great success. The beta servers shut down, and everyone waited for the retail release of the game they had just enjoyed for free. In the middle of November, AC2 released much to the dismay of many parents who only saw the aftermath in the grades of the players.

That was the beginning of AC2. The game has survived 4 months of abuse, and on March 27th the developers celebrated the


Penny Arcrade Expo – Part 1

The Penny Arcade Expo is here, and FPBBrandon and I are chilling in our hotel after the first night. We started out with seeing Never Winter Nights 2 (images to come next week) including it’s freakishly amazing amount of skills and abilities for when you create your character. Gabe and Tycho held a panel where they announced their upcoming game, Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. They’re teaming up with Hothead Games who have a bunch of people experienced in creating games based on well established characters, including Simpsons: Hit and Run, and The Incredible


Ultima X: Odyssey

Ultima X: Odyssey, currently in development by EA and Origins was made available to us in a little booze laden environment in San Francisco. Well, what we saw impressed us so much that we are actually going to write about it. Ultima Online, the first Ultima game to go massively multiplayer is still going strong, so EA is not going to mess with a good thing. UXO will not replace UO, but act as a sister product. Imagine Diablo 2, only massively multiplayer and enough remarkably unique ideas to intrigue even the most jaded gamer. Intrigued? Of course you are. UXO, the first MMOAG (Massively Mu


Shadowbane: Changing the Online World

Yes! Shadowbane! Now this is a game I have been waiting for for a very long time! For years now, I have been waiting for a game to rob me of all my free time the way Ultima Online did; a game that allows me to create a unique character that can actually affect the in-game world and the lives of other players. My expectations for this game were extremely high, and the truth is, it was a little scary to actually play the game for the first time knowing that it might not be as fun as I had hoped. But alas, I got into the beta test a few weeks ago, and I wearily stepped my way into the world of


Gaming Addiction Done Definitively

When tackling an issue considered as serious as this, there is a lot to think about and a lot to go over. I wasn’t entirely sure I had made my own mind up about the issue, so it’s certainly been a clarification process for me.

The question at hand started over in this thread, when Mat’hir whatthehellever suggested that the reason Blizzard implemented the rest system was to take up some level of social responsibility and dissuade gaming addiction.

Gaming addiction?

What the hell?

In the past I haven’t been very responsive to it as a problem, but then, I never really gave it a lot of thought